The UP Department of Computer Science collaborates with the Ocean power projects of San Bernardino Ocean Power Corporation. This was announced by Dr. Vena Pearl Bongolan, PhD.  A laboratory has been reserved in the new Computer Science Building in UP Diliman. In addition to laboratory and generating tidal simulations in intended sites for energy generation using Tidal In-stream Energy Conversion and Ocean power technologies, Asia-Pacific Center for Oceans has expertise in water-related disasters like storm surge and tsunamis, particularly those caused by submarine mass failures. 

“Finally, we include sociological and anthropological studies on coastal communities, which we expect to bear the brunt of environmental impacts of tidal energy, and the aforementioned disasters.” wrote Dr. Bongolan. She added, “We might have to bring in UP Marine Science Institute experts to clear us on the bio-impacts on benthic creatures.”

Tidal power resources are found in the hinterlands and coastal sites where marginal lives and poverty need attention.  Thus, community development sessions and learning modules on-site will be led by UP Professor Roselle Leah K. Rivera.

The Center is the brainchild of H&WB’s President, Antonio A. Ver.  San Bernardino Ocean Power Corp. is first to achieve a Declaration of Commerciality in its Tidal power site in Northern Samar’s Capul Island along San Bernardino strait.