• H&WB evolved from a Consultant-Engineer firm in 1996, into a development company in 2005. It pioneered “Coal-to-Liquids” in the Philippines, and ASEAN.
  • Launched a “Bioenergy Program,” an upstream 10,000-ha. biofuels plantation in Nunungan, Lanao del Norte.

2012 H&WB restructures

  • H&WB Asia Pacific (Pte Ltd) Corporation is born in the Philippines!

Pioneering initiatives

  • “Philippines Coal Hybrid Liquefaction” Project Report confirmed, “Philippines coals are techno-economically viable for Coal-to-Liquids,” May 2006.
  • It envisages the “ASEAN Petroleum Reserve,” April 2012.

In pursuit of its Mission, and to fulfill its publics’ needs, H&WB forms cohesive partnerships for project development with integrated conglomerates, reputable consultant and engineer firms, proven technology providers and OEMs, leading banks, and financial institutions.