Figure 1. H&WB President & CEO Antonio A. Ver inside Sabella’s D10 Tidal In-stream Energy Conversion (TISEC) turbine. He visited Sabella’s technology center in Brest Port, Brittany, France. December 10, 2017
Figure 2. One Planet Summit organized by France’s President Emmanuel MACRON on December 11-12, 2017. UNESCO, Paris, France. San Bernardino-Capul Project Presented.
Figure 3. The 50-tonner crane on a 250-tonner ship
Figure 4. Covers and blades
Figure 5. The head above a holder
Figure 6. Three chambered body
Figure 7. Substation in Ushant Island, Brittany, connects the off-grid Island, like Capul Island in Northern Samar, from the TISEC turbine in Fromveur Passage, likened to San Bernardino Strait.