The Project locates in Barangay Osmeña, Municipality of Jose Panganiban, Province of Camarines Norte, which is approximately 360 kilometers from Manila. It involves the construction of two units of 350 MW deploying Supercritical Pulverized Coal Boiler (PCB) technology. Supercritical boilers attain emission limits, which are environmentally compliant and cost effective. Unit 1 augments electricity demand for the Luzon Grid, as a base load beginning 2023 when it is targeted for commissioning. Construction of Unit 2 shall be determined upon approval of NGCP’s grid reinforcement.


 Last January 22, 2019, H&WB received the approved System Impact Study (SIS) review report by NGCP. Unit 1 is technically feasible and shall dispatch to the 230kV Labo substation that is N-1 compliant.


Series of activities have been realized since the commencement of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) Study. Information, Education and Communication (IEC) campaigns were undertaken by H&WB as part of the Public Scoping and Public Consultation activities, in accordance with the Environmental Impact System (EIS) process of DENR’s Revised Procedural Manual. The Public Scoping activities led to the conclusion: “There is no objection.” The community urges and encourages its construction. On-site technical studies commenced last August 2018.  The final Environmental Impact Statement Draft was submitted to DENR-EMB last December 27, 2018, and will undergo Environmental Impact Assessment Review Committee’s (EIARC) Technical Review Process in the second quarter 2019.


On July 3, 2018, NCIP Region 5 issued the NCIP Certificate of Non-Overlap stating that the proposed project site does not overlap with any Ancestral Domain/Land and is not populated by any Indigenous Cultural Communities or Indigenous Peoples.


On November 27, 2018, H&WB secured the PHIVOLCS Certification which exhibits the earthquake hazard assessment. It was determined that the site is safe from the impact that can be posed by the nearest Philippine Fault, the Guinyangan Fault. Meanwhile, the low-lying areas of the Project Site are partly susceptible to tsunami. However, it can be addressed through the implementation of community preparedness program and tsunami evacuation plan.